Executive Producers | James Gustin + Michele Gustin Writer + Director + Cinematographer | Melissa (Martens) Fox | Cinematographer + Editor | Olivia Curry Production Assistant | Kristen Sargeon Hair + Make-Up | Vanessa Vallient Styling | Heidy Best PR | Kimberly Burt

Producer | James Gustin, Andrew Ettenofer | Director | Melissa (Martens) Fox | Cinematography | Carl Weidman, Rajesh Baghirat, Chase Kubiasik |  fig films was hired by The Peninsula to create a film for their meetings and events digital brochure. The style of the film was modeled after the brand films that were created by the Hong Kong team and used the score from the "peninsula moments" campaign.

Personal Work

8mm Diary is a collection of personal footage that I filmed between 2011-2013. Starting the night before Snowmagedeon in Chicago (February 1, 2011) and ending as I go to work on January 3, 2013. A little slice of my favorites, designed as if you were to pick up one roll of super 8 film and watch it. Shot using 8mm app on iphone4 Music: "Si Va" by Jenifer Avila (

A college film circa 2003, shot when I was first learning to shoot 16mm b/w Film. Based off an assignment where we had to make an old silent film with piano. This was the first time I scripted, storyboarded, shot, directed and edited 16mm film. The editing was all done in a real cutting room, splicing the film by hand. I had a friend play piano during the screening. This was put together later, because its not easy to get a piano and a projector around in the world these days. It's cute and simple. I learned how to think about a sequence and direct to get the shots I needed. made with a little help from my friends: kyle wesling and dave dyhr

Beating the winter blahs by making a piece about it.