To the fire dear woman, 
sit and share with me
of bumps and bruises
tears and disappointment
the moments you feel free. 

Let us stand and dance the truth
sink our toes into the earth
lay bare the worries, take up the staff
give life to ideas through birth. 

To the fire dear sister, 
where we YALP and commence the spark
ignite the wild, bring each other together
it is time for us to start.

For the world is ever changing, 
let our fire pierce dark
come join me my dear woman
speak what is on your heart

To the fire dear women. 

I have challenged myself to writing a piece for each day of February. I am part of a wonderful fb group of like-minded people sharing writing everyday. My favorite thing is that feed is full of amazing writing that inspires me. While I am not comfortable posting everything, I have decided that I want to share a few selects here.