I was recently granted access to tour the roof top farm in Pullman Chicago for Gotham Greens, the largest hydroponic rooftop farm built to date. I was already a big fan of their greens. They create the freshest and most full flavored salads. The roof top farm is closed to the public, so this was a rare treat to see the farm in action and taste the goods.

Their vision to turn unused spaces into urban farms is pretty inspiring. Oh and their greens are pesticide free! The company started in Brooklyn and has been expanding to cities. Here is Chicago, access to freshly grown greens in the winter is sparse. Most of our greens are shipped in and are already two weeks old by the time we buy them. Gotham Greens are pulled, packed and delivered daily. I can attest to their freshness lasting weeks longer than other produce I buy. The arugula is amazing. It's spicy, full flavored and has that perfect fresh crunch every time. In addition to creating local jobs, using sustainable energy to run the farm and hiring from Pullman, they donate produce to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and to Chicago Public Schools. 

In Chicago you can find Gotham Greens at Whole Foods, Target, Treasure Island, Jewel, Sunset Foods, Sugar Beet Co-Op and Amazon Fresh.