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Copies of a copy.

Your voice sent a shrill up my spine.
You sound just like him.
Him, you, familiar.
Reached through time and pulled me impossibly back with it.
Memory is like that.
All we are is tied to copies of a copy of a person.  



Writing Session 27 of 30

Ode to Coffee

Bright flavor brings
Aliveness, however brief. 
Nutty, chocolate, hot spicy brew
Swirling alertness into my veins. 

This morning I got nothing. 
As I sit to write with you here. 
Dreams were void and black last night. 
Black coffee. Caffeinated steam,
hoping this java will jump start something,
I’d love to write transcendent soul leaping words


Nope. *sip*
Mmmmm, coffee, that’s all I got today. 



Writing Session, 18 of 30


Writing Session, 18 of 30

I am nearing completion on my goal to write a poem a day in February. I wrote this next one after viewing the photographs of Stephen Yang / Getty Images and Terray Sylvester / Reuters from the camp on the day of evacuation of the Native American water protectors. Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe the feeling of defeat on the situation. Where do I sign up to help renewable energy efforts? Take a look at the photographs then come back here to read what it inspired in me. 

18 / 30 

Souls scattered in smoke, 
burned to the ground. 

The melee moves words, 
moves to words, 

Black gold wins again. 

My heart repeats, 
“When we know better, 
we must do better." 

Know better, do better. 
Know better, do better. 
Know better, do better. 
Know better, do better. 
Know better, do better. 

Heartbeats in a drum circle. 

     Do BETTER. 

Fire and ice cavort, forging two continents. 
Disruptive and violent red ash. 

Voyers from afar bemoan. 
Another loss for mother. 

Header Image : Terray Sylvester / Reuters




Writing Session, 1 of 30

To the fire dear woman, 
sit and share with me
of bumps and bruises
tears and disappointment
the moments you feel free. 

Let us stand and dance the truth
sink our toes into the earth
lay bare the worries, take up the staff
give life to ideas through birth. 

To the fire dear sister, 
where we YALP and commence the spark
ignite the wild, bring each other together
it is time for us to start.

For the world is ever changing, 
let our fire pierce dark
come join me my dear woman
speak what is on your heart

To the fire dear women. 

I have challenged myself to writing a piece for each day of February. I am part of a wonderful fb group of like-minded people sharing writing everyday. My favorite thing is that feed is full of amazing writing that inspires me. While I am not comfortable posting everything, I have decided that I want to share a few selects here.