Creative Save the Date Session

I can not take credit for the idea behind this session, I am behind it's execution. Candice and Steve came up with the concept. They aren't your typical "beautiful sunset," holding hands, kissing by the lake, kind of couple. They wanted something that shared their personality as a couple. Avid Chicago Fire Soccer Fans and season ticket holders, soccer is a daily part of life in their household. Steve spends much time screaming at the television while watching soccer games. Candice has loved noodles since she was a kid and often has them for breakfast. The gnome is how they met. While at a party Steve was walking around with the Gnome. Candice, who is usually shy, had to know what that was about. So she approached and learned that the Gnome had a name: Sven. Sven is responsible for Candice crossing a crowded room and stepping outside her comfort zone. This is a snapshot of what an evening looks like in their household. Steve, screaming at the television, Candice eating noodles and their various pets trying to get their attention. We didn't plan for Gino to steal some noodles, but turns out it was pretty true to real life.