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For the holidays last year, I surprised a few family members with portraits of their dogs. I was touched by how moved everyone was while opening a their gifts. As a dog owner since childhood, I know just how precious the life of a pet is to the people that they love. Takoda, the chocolate newfie (pictured above). She was my father's. A big brown and beautiful newfoundland with the most soulful eyes. Shortly after I gave this print to my dad, she passed away. I am so grateful to have this image. I think you can feel her when you look at it. I would love to put my love for animals to work for you. I am myself a dog owner of a tiny elderly teacup yorkie, I can't get enough pictures of him. It just doesn't seem fair that they don't live as long as we do. My husband and I have a large portrait of him in our home and we often remark at how priceless it is. Below I have put together a few packages for your fido. If you have something special in mind, just shoot me a note!