Limited Edition Black and White Print


Limited Edition Black and White Print

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This print is part of a larger series I have been working on called "Portraits of an American Dream."

Photographed in small towns across the midwest, Portraits of an American Dream documents the changing landscape of farm life wherein families have moved away from living on the land they farm and abandoning the old homesteads. I became fascinated with the decay of old barns while visiting family in the midwest.

This particular photograph was taken on an abandoned farm house in North East Rural Missouri. 

It is the first to be printed in this series. 



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Series will contain 100 prints.

Each 8 X 10 print is made to order, matted and signed by me with your edition number + an artist statement.

Reproductions without written consent by the artist are prohibited. 

Once purchased, I will contact you to discuss timeline for completing your order and payment options. Usually ships within 5 business days of receiving payment.